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Seal Structure Of Rubber O-ring With Plastic Float Ball

Seal structure of rubber O-ring with plastic float ball, its design process is very important. If the design is not reasonable will leak liquid and gas. So, when choosing a plastic float ball, its dimensional tolerance must be precise, sphere surface to smooth, sphere surface none joint line and the burrs. Plastic float is a hard plastic products, if you want to achieve ideal sealing structure, the following ball seat must to add install a rubber o-rings. According to different applications need to choose Rubber o-rings of the right material, hardness and size. Thus, a hard plastic float ball and a rubber o-rings cooperate together, Plus a certain pressure, make these two artifacts can mutually close together, so that they can achieve a good sealing effect.

Plastic floating ball materials have nylon, pom, pp, acrylonitrile, PE, ptfe and so on. The rubber o-ring materials have nitrile rubber, epdm rubber, fluorine rubber, neoprene, silica gel, etc. According to the properties of the product, performance, specifications, size, use environment, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, life and different to design choose. Make plastic floating ball and rubber o-rings seal structure design to achieve the highest realm.

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