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Hollow Plastic Balls Production Process

1. Injection molding or blow molding produce the hollow plastic balls embryo.

2. Clean up edge burrs of the hollow plastic ball embryo.

3. Hollow plastic ball embryo for rough grinding. Process??The hollow plastic balls embryo is put into the grinding machine of matching with the hollow plastic ball embryo size, then add lubricating oil and grinding material of rough, then start grinding.

4. Hollow plastic ball embryo for finely grinding. Process??The hollow plastic ball rough grind finish, add fine grinding material, then once again grinding. Grinding to a standard size requirements.

5. Hollow plastic ball grinding after the completion of cleaning.

6. Select, according to the size and roundness measurement and visual appearance, picked qualified hollow plastic ball.

Hollow plastic ball can choose various material production, such AS polypropylene, PP, POM, POM, nylon, PA66, PTFE, PTFE, ABS, PE, PS, AS.

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