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Made of Silicone The Human Body Meridian Health Balls

The human body meridian health ball is made of silicone ball, silicone connecter, silicone acupoint massager and wood stick composed.

The human body meridian health ball use method: The silicon ball is used for knock the body main and meridian, use the silicone acupoint massager for massage the human body acupoints. By percussion the body meridian or massage the human body acupoint to dredge the human body meridian, achieve of health the purpose.

Chinese meridian keeping in good health is very important. We need to combining theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the theory of meridian and the human body acupoints diagram, so we can dredge the human body meridian, clean up trash in the body, keep in good health, effectively relieve all kinds of diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, bone hyperplasia, cervical spondylosis, cerebral vascular sclerosis, etc.

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