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The Characteristic of POM Plastic Balls

Now, we mainly introduce the POM plastic ball.

POM plastic ball with good solvent resistance, oil resistance, resistance to weak acid, resistance to weak alkali. POM plastic ball has high hardness and rigidity, high creep resistance and stress resistance, good wear resistance, self-lubrication, and fatigue resistance. POM plastic ball is milky white opaque, commonly known as plastic steel plastic ball, it is a kind of high density and high linear polymer crystalline. It has excellent comprehensive performance and fatigue resistance.

a. POM plastic ball on the mechanical properties, POM plastic ball is a kind of high polymer crystallization, has high elastic modulus, high hardness and stiffness, it in - between 40 to 100 degrees can use for a long time. And impact resistance, strength changed little.

b. POM plastic ball on the thermal properties, POM plastic balls have higher thermal deformation temperature.

c. POM plastic ball in the terms of chemicals, POM plastic balls of corrosion resistance and oil resistance is very outstanding. Especially under the condition of high temperature has fairly good corrosion resistance. And the size and mechanical strength changed little.

d. POM plastic ball on the electrical properties, POM plastic ball has good electric performance, the dielectric constant is not affected by temperature and humidity.

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