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HNBR Rubber O-Rings Material Properties

HNBR rubber O-rings also call hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-rings. Its performance can be substitute Viton. HNBR rubber O-rings endure lowest temperature is -55??, highest temperature is 150??, and have good mechanical properties, oil resistance, and heat resistance. The HNBR rubber O-rings material properties are resistance to ozone, resistance to radiation or sunlight or climate, better than the silicone or Viton or PTFE. HNBR rubber O-rings than NBR rubber O-rings have better abrasion resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, tensile, and compression rate.

HNBR have the above characteristics, resistance high temperature, and resistance pressure, and thus, when use in the oil industry, the submersible pump pumping oil in the depth of 2000 meters and the temperature of 140 degrees, Its service life of up to one year.

HNBR rubber widely used in environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a systems, automotive engine systems, power stations, hydraulic pipes, hydraulic seals, cable sheathing covering layer and others.

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