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Silicone O-ring Material Properties or Application

Silicone is a non-toxic, odorless, secure material. Silicone O-ring material properties are remain sealed, elasticity, resistance to ozone, oxidation resistance, electrical insulating property and adhesive property, in low temperature -100?? or high temperature 300?? circumstances. Silicone material properties is chemically stable, higher adsorptive, good thermo stability and others. Silicone O-ring elasticity, compression ratio, neutral solvent resistance, thermal resistance and heat dissipation is good. Silicone O-ring mainly used in the appliance industry, food or health industry, medical devices industry, pharmaceutical industry, and rubber parts of daily touch with the human body. Silicone O-ring is widely used in modern daily life.

We have advanced production machinery and equipment, testing instruments, good production technology and excellent technical staff, so that we can supply of good quality Silicone O-rings to customers.

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