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Material Characteristic of EPDM O-Ring

EPDM is ethylene, propylene, diene terpolymer. Its Chain is fully saturated, so very low water absorption. Material characteristic of EPDM O-Ring is resistance to acid or alkali, resistance to chemical solution, oxidation resistance and resistance to erosion. They have insulation properties and water resistant properties, and good elasticity. Support to temperature range is 150?? - -50??. Used in the environment of high temperature, water vapor, Outdoor UV, sunlight, and in the bathroom.

Our factory has produced a lot of different sizes EPDM O-ring mold. Our EPDM O-ring with good quality, reasonable prices, therefore get the recognition of customers. EPDM O-rings are mainly used in high-temperature water vapor environment seals, bathroom equipment seals or parts, rubber parts in the brake system, outdoor anti-UV, sunlight rubber parts and radiator seals.

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