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Materials Characteristics of NBR Rubber O-Rings

NBR rubber o-rings also called nitrile rubber o-rings or BUN-A o-rings.

The NBR rubber is synthesized from butadiene and acrylonitrile polymer. Acrylonitrile polymer content ratio is the following: 18-24%, 25-30%, 31-35%, 36-41%, 42-46%. Acrylonitrile polymer content ratio higher, the oil resistance of NBR rubber o-rings will better. NBR rubber o-rings have good abrasion performance, compression ratio and elongation. And X-NBR rubber o-rings have better abrasion performance than ordinary NBR rubber o-rings. NBR rubber o-rings operating temperature range: from -40íŠ to 120íŠ.

The disadvantage of NBR rubber o-rings: have not resistance to chemical corrosion.

NBR rubber o-rings are mainly used for the sealing action of the various oils container.

With the above characteristics, now NBR rubber o-rings are the most widely used and low-cost rubber seal products to use for the sealing action of the various oils container.

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