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Teflon Ball, PTFE Ball, Teflon PTFE Application

Teflon ball, PTFE ball, Teflon PTFE have excellent heat, ozone and corona resistance, very well dielectric stability, and resistance to many oils, chemicals, and solvents. Teflon ball PTFE ball Teflon PTFE Possess the best flexible property at low temperature. Teflon ball, PTFE ball, Teflon PTFE performs well under environmental and temperature extremes. Teflon ball, PTFE ball, Teflon PTFE is particularly suitable for use in apparatus designed to handle cryogenic liquids and acids. Properties remain at a useful level over a wide temperature range of -180??C to 250??C. Teflon PTFE usually be applied in automotive and aerospace industries, where flexibility and longevity are important. Teflon ball, PTFE ball, Teflon PTFE also has outstanding electrical insulating properties, applying in strict performance standards are critical. And it is a suitable material for parts that need FDA approval for food handling equipment and appliances.

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