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Medicine Industrial Application Of Silicone Rubber Products

Due to the characteristics of good ventilation and moisture penetration of silicone rubber products, plus the advantage of it is harmless to human body which will not cause any allergic reaction or repulsion, silicone rubber products is often used as the replacement of internal organs or tissues, artificial joints, etc. silicone rubber products is also applied in cosmetic surgeries and restoration, for instance, the mending of forehead, nose, mandible, neck, external ear default, skull and internal organs, even breast implants. Moreover, silicone rubber products is widely used in medical instrument and accessories. For example, the products include: silicone rubber pumps, silicone rubber bellows, silicone rubber soft-tissue dilator, silicone rubber shunt device, silicone rubber blood transfusion tube, delivery tube, gastro-scope tube, peritoneum dialysis tube, etc.

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