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Applications Of Silicone Rubber Products

Some of the most useful properties of silicone rubber Products include flexibility, excellent electrical insulation, thermal stability (consistency of properties over a wide operating range of -100 to 250??), excellent resistance to different weather condition, anti-aging and exceptional electrical properties. In addition to these properties above, silicone rubber Products has been widely applied in various fields such as food manufacture, medical application, home construction and maintenance, electronic devices and other industries such as transportation, construction, telecommunication and high?Ctech field such as aviation and aerospace industry.

Home uses the Silicone Rubber Products which is imported from Japan, Dow Corning (USA), and Bayer (Germany) to manufacture our silicone rubber products. In order to fulfill various demands of our customers, the raw silicone rubber products are often mixed with other compound materials to improve its properties such as acidity and alkalinity resistance as well as mechanical strength, chemical and oil resistance, anti-melting and steam tolerance. Moreover silicone rubber is used to increase its thermal and voltaic tolerance, as well as to enhance the tolerance of wearing, low temperature and ozone resistance.

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