Our factory mainly produces Plastic spheres, giant plastic spheres, hollow plastic spheres and solid plastic spheres supply. Our products are strictly conforming to EU and USA market standard such as EN 71, ASTM, CPSIA, Heavy metal content, Phthalates, Lead Content ect.

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We mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of plastic float balls, floating ball in water, hollow plastic floating balls and Plastic floats. With many years of technological development and production innovation, We has a very complete production equipment and strength, Wcooperation with domestic famous Research institute & Multinational Group let gain an unprecedented leap in the filed of production application recently.

plastic float balls is made by blow molding. So the plastic float balls doesn't have any cracks. Traditionally, this Plastic floats is used for water treatment. When millions of plastic hollow balls float on the surface of the liquid, the spheres automatically form a liquid covered surface. The covered surface provides a very effective barrier and reduces heat consumption in the liquid and the surrounding environment. At present, according to the continuous development and innovation of scientists, the ball will be more widely used. Such as preventing birds from stacking on and around the liquid surface, building nests, using as check valve balls in flow control applications, and damping in the construction field.

Plastic float ball, Plastic floats sizes: 9.5??15??18??18.5??19??20??22??23??24.8??25??25.4??28.8??33??35??35.2??35.56??38??42??50??55??60??65??70??75??80??85??90??95??100??110??115??120??130??140??150mm and so on.

polypropylene PP plastic float balls, floating ball in water, hollow plastic floating balls material properties: PP polypropylene can be divided into homopolymer, impact copolymer and random copolymer. It has good heat resistance, rigidity, good chemical resistance and excellent wear resistance.

HDPE polyethylene plastic float balls material properties: PE polyethylene is divided into high density polyethylene HDPE, low density polyethylene LDPE. High density polyethylene has high impact, high rigidity, good chemical resistance, and good electrical properties. And in line with the US FDA CFR Title 21, and the EU's ROHS.

Through many years of cooperation, we build a good relationship with them, Our plastic float balls are sold overseas, We always pursue scientific progress and fit market demand, please believe us!

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